FairyPrion(titiwainui, Pachyptilaturtur)

Fairy Prion reintroductions

Mana Island (217 ha, off SW North Island). Mana Island (217 ha, off SW North Island). Reintroduction. 40 chicks were translocated from Takapourewa (Stephens Island) on 13 January 2002, and an additional 200 chicks were translocated over the subsequent two years. The chicks were kept in artificial burrows on Mana, and were hand fed once a day. Trials comparing different diets were undertaken during the 2002 & 2003 translocations, with most of the chicks fed on a diet based on tinned sardines. All 240 chicks fledged in good condition. This joint project between the Department of Conservation and Friends of Mana Island was helped by the assistance and enthusiasm of Ngati Koata, Ngati Toa and the three teams of volunteer feeders. Three chicks had returned to the island by 2006, and a pair of these bred in 2006/07. A pair of unbanded birds from an unknown location bred on the island in 2005/06. Contact Colin Miskelly.

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